sexta-feira, 13 de março de 2009


Cats are around me all day long. Sometimes they make my agenda without even consulting me. If I open a book and one of the cats thinks it makes a good bed, goodbye reading.
Eating can also be a challenge. As soon as I help myself to some food here comes the eight cats meowing. Each of them has its own peculiar preferences and methods of approaching me for a bite. Amarelinho loves fruits, specially papaya and mango. The older black mammy, Pretinha, is very polite and won’t eat until everybody else eats.
A few years ago I would not allow anyone to rule me this way, never had time for more than a passing pet on my beloved felines. Now, as my body decided to pin me down to a place and completely change my notion of time, these beautiful beings, the cats, help me to survive another day.