domingo, 8 de fevereiro de 2009

Returning, not departing

“Returning, not departing,
My steps are homeward bound;
I quit the land of strangers,
For home on native grounds.”

German Baptist Hymns, 403

The hymn words collected emotions old and new into a single assurance of peace, no matter what. No reasons given, no questions asked, beyond and also within all these human workings of the mind stand the Creator of all. Amazing is the fact that the Hand I feel holding mine here and now belongs to God, the One ever Present. Not a gene in me or around me is empty of meaning, or unable to responding to Love, the organizer of life.
Words are but words and play according to the move within. Short of saying what is really meant and prey of illusions, they only point to it and faint, worn out and empty. So, the Hand, the Peace, the Arrival Complete, is only to be fully lived as life itself, not less than love indeed.

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