sexta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2009

Who we are and what unite us

We are gathered in wonder around the goodness of life and its magnificent frolic.
Our consciousnesses awake to the richness of being a part of this event and want to act on it for better.
This participation starts with appreciation and care and becomes freedom of choice, not only between two options, but many good ones, plus the ones we may add to the play.
Even those who choose in a disorganized way will learn through their choices and contribute to the progress toward what we see as the good goal of life.
Belief or not belief in God is indifferent to us. Some believe in God some don’t, but we all believe in the Human Spirit.
Some of us like to link ourselves to a historical chain of similar understandings, some do remain in the religions of their families and some prefer to invent their own religion as they go on.
Some do believe in angels and miracles, some are materialistic.
We have together agreed to be pacifist, ecumenical, open to all, ecologically minded and socially engaged.
We also have agreed not to organize ourselves into a structured religion, nor adopt a hierarchy or religious titles.
We opted to free our vocabulary of words like lord, worship and similar ones.
We recognize no absolute truth but Life, no holy book but poetry, no rule or law but love.
For us there are no outsiders or insiders, we are all ONE: humans, no human animals, plants, minerals etc.
For us the perfect unity to the whole is only manifest through the individual, which is larger and more important then any community, which only fits as it empowers and highlight the individual.
We are anonymous and spread all over the place but we share this discovery of Life through our daily lives and, because of it, become quite visible to all. We are everybody in a moment or another. We are you!
Onaldo Alves Pereira

2 comentários:

  1. Onaldo, meu velho, (eu sou velha, beirando os oitenta) Essa vida que Deus lhe deu, sendo ele pai, significar.Nós alguma coisa DEVE, pobres seres, talvez não alcancemos o sabe significado.Mas ELE.
    Muito amor em seu coração.
    Beijão da
    Velha Déa