quinta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2009

Can I say a prayer?

Can I say a prayer?
God, can I tell you what You already know, just for the sake of my own insecurity?
I guess I am just sending my mind a note, where it reads:
I am grateful for life and for this specific moment of life;
I am anxious for more of it; even though pain tries hard to spoil it.
And, I become a bit confused, not to say a lot confused: Gaza, Africa and my next door poor neighbor’s hungry children, make me uncomfortable with my complaints, but I am in need indeed, and it hurts.
Yet, I am calm inside; I can rest in knowing Your love, and Your love I know for sure by being known by Your Love!
When I reach to touch my wounds I feel your fingerprints carved there, and how could it be otherwise, since You still makes me!

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