sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2009

With the Bible

The Old Testament was too much for me. I could not take the God it presented, drowning the world and commanding slaughters and genocides. Mom and Dad and even our worse neighbor, who spanked his children and wife almost daily, were sure better then this God, I thought. Padre Nicolau, our local priest, was, also, of a God much more fun loving, forgiving and compassionate than this.
I abandoned the Bible under my bed in a palm tree leaves basket.
Ages after such, having the hibiscus blossoms renewed its strength and polished its color with kind and soft sun beams many a time, the Bible I recovered into my curiosity.
Reading the Sermon on the Mount I finally found out where God had hidden Godself in that old strange book. Jesus gained a fan. I was 13 years old by then and much more would come on this…

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